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Today I'll explain why you need to log in immediately if your intention is to sell a house. This is a very important aspect!
If you want to sell a house, one of the first things to do is to check the compliance not only of the land register but above all the planning of your property, or to verify the correspondence of the documentation of your house deposited with the Municipality of belonging (for the Island of Albarella we talk about the Municipality di Rosolina) with the current situation.
Three reasons why you have to log in:- the deed of sale of a property with an abuse is null;- with a preventive check you avoid running into bad surprises with your future buyer, in particular you don't run the risk of entering into a preliminary agreement where you promise to sell a house with vices;- when signing, avoid declaring (albeit in good faith) the forgery, since without having checked it before, your property may be non-compliant.
What to do to protect yourself? The Seller is required to verify at his own expense the compliance of what is authorized by the Municipality with respect to the state of the places, he must therefore verify the building permit / building permit, any amnesties, amnesties, etc.Over the years, unfortunately, we have repeatedly encountered cases where the owner who wanted to sell his home was unaware that his property was not in conformity. Access to the documents is not mandatory by law (unfortunately); we see it fundamental!To protect our customers by providing a quality service, recognized, we request it from those who intend to sell the house immediately as documentation necessary for the sale; if it is not present in the Customer's documentation, we help him, thanks to our experience, to make this step much easier!
Hoping to have given some useful information, we are available for further information on this topic .. you can write to us at our email: We strongly advise, for those who are approaching sales, to always rely on a trusted technician for these very delicate aspects.
If you are going to sell, you do not know where to start to find these documents, we are at your disposal to help you have complete and verified documentation of your home quickly, speeding up the sales process without encountering unexpected surprises.
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Enrico Vitale - Real Estate Consultant

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