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Albarella safe haven

ALBARELLA "SAFE HAVEN": in addition to being beautiful, Albarella Island is A PLACE WHERE YOU DON'T HAVE TO FEAR ANYTHING.

We have already told you how Albarella Island is "the pearl" of the Po Delta: suspended between waters (we deliberately use the plural, because we are talking about both those of the Adriatic Sea and those of the river), land and sea, the island is a gem on human scale.

And not only because of its unique fauna throughout Italy and its real estate assets: what makes Albarella an increasingly attractive place for investors is its security.

A great asset from which any potential target present on the real estate market can benefit: from the tourist looking for a destination where he can enjoy total relaxation, to the family with children who wants to let their little ones run wild while they recharge their batteries. Even the resident will find here a corner of Italy in which to forget all worries. In this article we will explain what determines this favorable circumstance, which makes Albarella Island unique in Italy.


In Albarella, beaches crowded to the point of not being able to lay a towel are a scenario that has no reason to be feared! In order to foster fair and sustainable tourism development, Albarella Island has since the beginning adopted a policy of access restrictions: one can basically enter Albarella only with a special pass, which is provided to property owners and their guests, or to those who intend to stay on the island by renting a property. This is a policy that protects all parties involved: the resident, who integrates smoothly with the tourist, the tourist who has a high quality experience, and the local environment, which is protected from the side effects of mass tourism. The peak season of tourism is July and August.


Oh yes, you can do it in Albarella, thanks to the enforced speed limit of 30km/h in all areas of the island, which is strictly monitored. The administration greatly encourages the use of bicycles as a means of travel. There are bikes and golf cart rental services within the Island: a benefit for air quality, thanks to green mobility. An ideal situation for those who want to dive in in one of the few places where even the youngest children can enjoy some autonomy, without the need for constant parental supervision.


Completing the picture is a extensive network of services that the island provides. The area is constantly monitored by a 24-hour-a-day, ALL YEAR-ROUND security service. The medical and ambulatory service has an ambulance and facilities capable of implementing even minor surgical procedures. Main attractions are the well-equipped beaches where a lifeguard service is active (Centro Sportivo and Capo Nord), the swimming pools at Centro Sportivo, and the pools at Sporting Fiordi (where swimming lessons are also offered for children).

Whether what attracts you is the idea of renting a vacation home here or you are seriously considering the idea of a real estate purchase, Immobiliare SEP specializes in finding the best solution for your needs. We are just an email away, contact us at!

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