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Today we look at a new technical aspect of selling. Let's talk about the APE (Energy Performance Certificate), we will see what it is and when to draw it up.

The APE is the document that indicates the energy efficiency level of buildings. This level is calculated taking into account several parameters such as the thermal insulation of the building, the exposure and the presence of facilities that can ensure comfort and healthiness within the domestic environment. The certificate is valid for 10 years and should be updated in case of upgrading or renovation works if these are going to change the "energy performance" of the property; some of these interventions may be, for example, the replacement of (window, door, etc.) frames, of the boiler, etc..;

In order to prepare the A.P.E., the appointed technician needs the system booklet (which has become mandatory) of the house, unless there is no heating and/or air conditioning system. Let's see below some details regarding the validity and duration of the APE, due to the presence or absence of a heating and/or air conditioning system..

If in your home:

- there is a system with the corresponding booklet the APE can be drawn up, it is necessary to carry out the annual routine maintenance of the system in order to be valid the duration of the 10 years, otherwise the APE will expire on December 31 of the year following the last carried-out maintenance.

- if there is a system but no booklet it is necessary to equip the installation with a booklet and the validity of the APE will be 10 years, keeping the conditions of the point above valid.

- if there is no plant, i.e. it has been decommissioned, the APE can be prepared and the validity will be 10 years (obviously in this case since there is no system, there will be no system booklet).

What if I have to sell my house?

The certificate in case of sale must be made available by the Seller to the Buyer from the very beginning of negotiations; therefore, the owner must, at his own expense, have the Certificate drawn up as soon as possible in case of sale (in fact, it is no coincidence that the APE is included in the list of documents required by Our Agency already at the stage of the Sales Assignment).

How should I deal with the buyer?

The APE must be mentioned in the preliminary purchase and will have to be given to the new owner at the time of the transfer of ownership. The certificate, which is necessary for entering into the final contract of sale, will be attached by the notary to the deed. A specific clause should be attached to the deed of sale in which the buyer declares that he or she has received the information and documentation, including the certificate, regarding the energy performance of the property.

If you're planning to sell but don't have a technician you trust who deals with Energy Performance Certificates, don't worry! Thanks to the strong collaboration we have established with licensed technicians we can help you get your APE quickly in order to speed up your selling process. Hoping to have shed some light on this topic, we are available for more information... you can write us at our email:

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Enrico Vitale

Real Estate Consultant

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