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What is home staging? Home staging is a very powerful marketing tool used in the real estate world.

It is a set of actions to stage a house for sale or rent. These actions can be simple and take only a few minutes, such as a simple cleaning of interior spaces, or of the most important spaces (some examples may be painting walls, replacing furniture).

Do you need to sell your home? If you have to sell your house, once you have verified the documentation of your property (provenance, urban/catastral conformity, etc...) to shorten the time of sale and especially to get the best result from an economic point of view, we recommend HOME STAGING.

It plays a very important role to prepare your home before placing it in any advertising channel.

To VALORIZE it, you have to stage it: make it welcoming and interesting in the eyes of future potential buyers who come to visit.

Easy in words, less so in the practical side..

It's a difficult task, especially if the homeowner is doing it: it's hard to detach yourself from your personal taste and simply put yourself in the buyer's shoes.

Here are 3 tips for enhancing your property with home staging:

  1. Light: try to make rooms bright, favor neutral colors
  2. Tidiness: everything should be in its place, make cleanup of all unnecessary and superfluous items (better to have spacious rooms rather than overly personalized rooms)
  3. Experience: to get the most out of it, rely on someone with experience in the field, hire a professional home-stager or a real estate agent experienced in the field.

N.B.: Home staging only works if you apply it well, and right from the start!

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