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The Po Delta area is known for breathtaking sunrises, in which the sun rises from the flickering but already glowing Adriatic Sea.

I’s true, the area that surrounds Albarella is an oasis suspended between sky, earth and sea, where stretches of verdant lagoon divide fresh and salt water and the roar of the river branches blends with the sound of waves on the shoreline.

The Po Delta region is also an infrastructural excellence, where services and attractions for all ages are uncountable and where anyone - from the adventurer, to the family with children seeking relaxation - is welcome and finds his or her own dimension.

But Albarella and the Po Delta are more than this: they are also a true food and wine paradise: the intersection of two regions with a very rich culinary tradition, in which ingredients from the land and the sea are bound together in unprecedented preparations. In this article, we take you on a journey to discover the best that this beautiful area has to offer at the table! Brace yourselves and enjoy!

Giltheads, mussels, clams, sea bass and sole are part of the aquatic fauna here, and are easily found in the morning, in local fishmongers or directly in the cavane, traditional fishing casoni where seafood is available in the conviviality of a face-to-face moment with the fishermen . However, the Venetian tradition blends with a hint of Romagna: the proximity to Ferrara can be felt, especially because of the centrality of eel in the local cuisine. If the raw material leaves one stunned by variety and abundance, the preparations are certainly no less. Local traditions favor the guazzetto: a fish soup that is true art and of which delicate clams and mussels are the absolute stars. Add to this a variety of  fried fish and the Comacchio eel: prepared either according to Ferrara tradition and roasted in succulent slices or in a delicious risotto.

And with risotto, from the sea we return with our feet firmly planted on dry land, because the Po Delta amazes with its abundance of typical land products. Products of which the absolute star is rice. The river ends its long journey through the Po Valley (Pianura Padana) here, making this fertile territory perfect for rice growing. Carnaroli, Arborio and two niche varieties such as Baldo and Volano make the area surrounding Albarella an agronomic treasure envied worldwide, and strictly protected by a special consortium and the PGI mark.

Rice that not only germinates in the paddy fields as far as the eye can see, typical of the landscape, but also forms the basis of unique preparations that blend Romagna and Veneto, such as the aforementioned risotto with eel, one with radicchio or with clams, all the way to riso alla canarola -a variation of the Venetian risi e bisi in which borlotti beans replace peas.

Earthly delights are also truffles and pumpkins, the basis of preparations such as smegiassa, a soft dessert made with the famous vegetable that is ideal for breakfast or tea.

Finally, wine also always finds its moment of glory here. It is said that viticulture in this area of the Northeast even began with the Etruscans, who founded the city of Spina between Rovigo and Ferrara. Vineyards located on the coast take root in low, sandy soils, which is why Delta wines are also known as Wines of the Sands. Fortana, the pride of the local wine shops, is a still red wine known as far back as the time of the Este family: this is joined by Merlot, but watch out for white wines as well, from Malvasia to the Trebbiano Romagnolo.

In other words, Albarella and the surrounding area provide the visitor or resident with countless ways to tockle all the senses. And that of taste will hardly be disappointed!

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