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When we think of the Adriatic coast, here we immediately think of the Dolce Vita of Romagna, the cerulean panoramas of the Conero and the crystal sea of the province of Foggia. Yet, like a well-guarded treasure, there is another area of the Adriatic coast capable of attracting tourists from all over the world: the Po Delta. Here, in an area of 400 square kilometers (100 more than the size of the entire island of Malta), the great river ends its course towards the sea, creating a unique landscape: a lagoon kaleidoscope, which is surrounded by a sky made immense by the flat nature of the soil. Fresh and salt water, river and sea merge in a unique synergy, in a crossroad of history, flavors and cultures straddling the Veneto and Emilia Romagna regions. And of this dreamy land, Albarella Island is perhaps the most precious gem. Let's go now to discover it in detail!

Located in the center of the Po Delta National Park, Albarella is an oasis that has always been known as a vacation destination. The island is a powerful natural border: to the west, the freshwater lagoon of the estuary; to the east, the Adriatic Sea that opens imperiously on the horizon. The Po Delta, not surprisingly, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015.  On the island resides a unique fauna throughout Italy, which coexists peacefully with humans. 150 species of birds make Albarella a must-see destination for bird watchers: particularly noteworthy among them are the flamingos, planted here and adapted to the shallow, warm waters of the area. And in addition to avian species, squirrels, deer, hares and foxes also have their habitat in Albarella. A vacation in Albarella is a sustainable choice: local authorities are at the forefront of environmental protection and implement green policies on tourism management.

The island's accommodation facilities are state-of-the-art for different target tourists. Families with children really find relaxation here at every hour of the day: it is impossible not to mention the entertainment services present during the summer season, the Albarellaland park, or the almost total absence of cars. The administration encourages family tourism with special packages, to make the stay not only unforgettable but also really affordable.

But vacationing, in Albarella, is also exciting for the more sporty tourist: the island is equipped with swimming pools, tennis courts, an equestrian club, and a golf green overlooking the sea in which to spend hours of overwhelming fun.

The Po Delta Park provides countless recreational opportunities for adventurers as well: wildlife watching, sailing, and sea explorations fill the vacationer's agenda to the point that the only way to really discover Albarella and its surroundings will be to return a second time!

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